Cole Dagerhardt, P.E.

Cole Dagerhardt is a Systems Integration Specialist, Transportation Engineer and a licensed professional engineer. Cole has over 10 years of transportation systems management and operations experience including planning, design, procurement, integration, and program management for Intelligent Transportation Systems, parking systems, and transit systems. Cole focuses on implementation of sustainable technology solutions supporting long-term operations and maintenance efficiency. He is particularly interested in designing today’s projects in a way that will support smart cities, internet of things (IoT), connected vehicle, and automated vehicle innovations of the future. Cole believes that robust and thoughtful communication system and data center design will provide a strong framework to support tomorrow’s transportation systems.

Brittany Chase, P.E.

Brittany Chase is a licensed professional engineer with experience primarily in transportation analysis. She has over 6 years of traffic engineering experience including traffic impact analysis for NCDOT review, traffic analysis for arterials and unsignalized intersections, intersection capacity analysis, and traffic signal warrant analysis.  Brittany has extensive experience with Synchro, SimTraffic, and Highway Capacity Software.  She has also assisted with parking study analysis, MSTA school calculations, queue analysis, and arterial analysis. As a new member of the team at Exult Engineering, she is excited to support the team with ITS design, ITS operations, and particularly, signal design as it relates intuitively to her previous experience. Brittany believes that responsible development and traffic engineering can best serve our communities by embracing lofty congestion reduction and safety goals such as Vision Zero.

Lindsay Dagerhardt

Lindsay has a diverse business management and teaching background that she established over the years in the Biotechnology industry. She has previously held a R&D position and most recently taught Biotechnology classes at the high school level. She has a well rounded skill set that enables her to provide support to the Exult team from a file management, organization, accounting, documentation, Microstation, and AutoCAD perspective. Lindsay is a people-person and enjoys using her many diverse skills to assist the Exult team with improvement of project quality, efficiency, and return on investment for our clients.