Transportation Studies

At Exult Engineering, our business model is built upon repeat business, and as such, excellent quality, efficiency, and return on investment are our primary focus for our clients.  We hold personal relationships in high regard and make every effort to build strong relationships with our clients. We believe that responsible, yet fair, development is critical in balancing the traffic and growth demands of our communities.


Exult Engineering is equipped to assist in traffic related matters associated with existing and proposed developments in the state of North Carolina.  We have the experience of working on traffic studies required as part of the site plan approval and rezoning processes for sites of various sizes and land use components.  We understand that municipalities and other governing bodies have their own, unique set of guidelines to follow in preparation of these traffic studies.  We have knowledge of these various sets of guidelines as well as the guidelines set forth by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  Exult Engineering has access to and uses the most recent versions of analysis software to complete our traffic impact studies such as Synchro and Highway Capacity Software.  


  • Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Traffic Impact Study

  • Due Diligence for Prospective Development Sites

  • Traffic Site Plan Approval/ Rezoning Process

  • Site Circulation and Access Assessment

  • Shared Parking Study

  • Entitlement Process Support

  • Driveway Permit

  • Encroachment Agreement

  • Roadway Improvement Exhibit

  • Signal Warrant Analysis

  • Accident Data Summary

  • Traffic Data Collection

  • Assessment of Traffic Mitigation Measures

  • Sight Distance Analysis

  • Intersection Capacity Analysis

  • Analysis of Existing and Future Traffic Conditions